MAYA (5)

Work in progress. Color de Aintz. Seguramente esta será la próxima cabecera del blog :)

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  1. Hola! Just had a look to the whole blog, this is awesome, I love your work. I don't get the words because my spanish lessons are far away but anyway, pictures are great :)

    1. Thank you for yours words!! I want to write the post in english and french but I'm vey lazy XD
      I love your work ;)

    2. No big deal, spanish is a beautiful language, I would like to speak it better, it's your work that matters in the end! Gracias por sus amables palabras tambien!

    3. Tranks Joslin, I want to learn more of english and french, but is hard for me... but you have reason, the work that matters in the end! ;)


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